Who Are the Right People to Invest in CMSCP
(1)Popular entertainment stars, sports stars, fashion stars, dance stars, media stars, social media stars, models,
or their families.

(2)Important people in the above fields, such as producers, managers or agencies.

(3)Entrepreneurs who run a medical beauty center, a beauty salon, or a chain business
(4)Entrepreneurs who run a chain of beauty, skin care, and beauty product retail stores
(5)Influencers who have many fans or followers.
(6)Direct-selling companies or network-selling companies with legal licenses 7) Entrepreneurs who run yoga studios, fitness centers, clubs, health centers, and other health-related stores.
8) Entrepreneurs operating chain supermarkets 9) Real estate developers who own or operate high-end residential buildings, office buildings, or shopping malls.
10) Companies with an e-commerce platform or a WeChat Mall
11) Media owners such as TV networks, magazines, newspapers, billboards, and websites

12) Fashion industry executives, including those representing manufacturers, brand owners, or distributors.

13) Personal care products industry professionals, including producers, brand owners, or distributors.

14) Executives of premium chain hotels.
15) Doctors (Chinese medicine, dermatologist, pharmacist).

16) High school students who wish to apply for business schools in a prestigious university.

17) Comprehensive investors who wants to make money, own their own international brands, own their own products, and obtain long-term returns.

18) Other people with promotional resources, sales channels, sales platforms, and sales appeal.

19) Skin care products distributors, agencies, or wholesalers and retailers.

In the skin care products industry,

each party has its own work scope:

Brand owners


Distributors / Agencies

Ingredient suppliers

Wholesalers/ Retailers

General Practice

Keys of CMSCP

If you own your international brand and custom-made skin care products, you might also have anexisting or future sales network.

10H Plus takes care of the following:

●  Brand design and registration

●  Research and development

●  International branding

●  Production

●  Packaging

●  Certification

●  Global marketing

10H Plus will help you to translate your popularity to cash.